J. Mansir Tydings

An Architect by training, J. Mansir Tydings became the business manager for the Lincoln Institute in 1932. Tydings wanted not only to build buildings but also to build bridges between races. He was the business manager of the Lincoln Institute during the tenure of Whitney M. Young, Sr.

From 1947 onward his life was connected to the Lincoln Foundation. At this point, he had taken the role of executive director. The Lincoln Foundation, which was originally designed to manage the business interest of the Lincoln Institute, now had programming in the Jefferson County area. The program “Youth Speaks, Inc.” received national awards as a youth citizenship program that addressed educational opportunities for blacks.

Tydings was married to Mary Paige Gaines. They had two daughters. He held many other positions that enabled him to continue his work of building bridges between different people.

J. Mansir Tydings passed away in 1974 and is buried at Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky.