Efrain Garcia Rosales

High School: Pleasure Ridge Park High School
College Choice: University of Lousiville

Efrain Garcia Rosales has been a member of the Whitney M. YOUNG Scholars Program®® since the 7th grade. He will graduate from Pleasure Ridge Park High School this spring with a cumulative 3.9 GPA.

Efrain is an honors student and is a member of Pleasure Ridge Park’s soccer team. From an early age, Efrain showed an interest in learning how machines work, and he developed an affinity for engineering. His participation in the Whitney M. YOUNG Scholars Program® Summer Institutes helped him discover a love for biology. Efrain’s community involvement includes working at Camp Hi-Ho, serving as a farmer and camp counselor.

Efrain plans to attend the University of Louisville J.B. Speed Engineering School in the fall, where he will pursue a degree in engineering.