Amaya Fox-Miles

High School: Pleasure Ridge Park High School
College Choice: Murray State University

Amaya Fox-Miles is a senior at Pleasure Ridge Park High School. She is the second member in her family to become a Scholar, following her sister Autumn who completed the program in 2012. Amaya credits the Whitney M. YOUNG Scholars Program® with helping to build her self-confidence and define her academic goals.

Amaya has taken all honors courses in high school. Amaya is passionate about music, having played the clarinet and piano. She also developed a passion for languages and is now almost proficient in Spanish. She is currently teaching herself to speak Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Korean and Cherokee. A member of the youth group at her church, Amaya has been a leader in helping to organize the annual Night to Shine. The event is an annual prom for youth with autism, Down syndrome or who are disabled.

Amaya will attend Murray State University in the fall. She plans to major in music and will pursue a career as a music producer.