Alan Liggin

High School: Atherton High School
College Choice: University of Louisville

Alan Liggin has been a Whitney M. YOUNG Scholar since the 7th grade. He is the second member of his family to benefit from the Whitney M. YOUNG Scholars Program®. His sister, Mariel, is a member of Phase 17/Class of 2017. Alan credits the program for helping him discover his love for science.

Alan is a senior at Atherton High School, where he completed three years of IB German. He helped to organize a male lacrosse team with friends, and he has been involved in numerous extracurricular activities, including wrestling, boxing, and music. Alan also participated in the Theta Omega Inc. Men of Quality Academy.

Alan will attend the JB Speed School of Engineering at the University of Louisville this fall. He plans to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. Once he completes his bachelor’s degree, Alan will continue his education in graduate school with the ultimate goal of becoming a nano-mechanical engineer.