Daniela Gutierrez-Folch

High School: Fairdale High School
College Choice: Bellarmine University 

Daniela Gutierrez-Folch has been a Whitney M. YOUNG Scholar since the 7th grade. She is a junior graduating a year early due to her participation in Fairdale High School’s Cambridge International Exams Program.

As a Cambridge student, Daniela took a series of college prep and college credit courses, including biology, chemistry, physics, algebra, trigonometry, geometry, U.S. History, geography, and English 1-3. She also enrolled in the Civil Services Program, which allowed her to take classes in law enforcement. Daniela is a member of the National Beta Club. She was invited to participate this summer at the National Student Leadership Conference and the Stanford Law Summer Program.

During her high school career, Daniela also participated in an ESL group that helped tutor children who struggled with English. She also participated in the Aspen Challenge, where her team focused on reducing the CO2 air emissions in Louisville. Her other volunteer contributions include hosting clean-ups at her school, the promotion of recycling efforts, and planting trees. She also served as a mindfulness ambassador, helping to lead both students and staff through mindfulness exercises before exams, or for staff meetings.

In the fall of 2020, Daniela will be attending Bellarmine University as a criminal justice major. Her dream is to become an investigative analyst or psychologist in the FBI. Long term, she hopes to run for political office, serving as either mayor or governor.