President’s Corner

Hello Friends,

Lincoln Foundation annually recognizes the high school graduation of Whitney M. YOUNG Scholars at our Senior Banquet. I am proud of the 33 members of the Class of 2016 who will successfully graduate from high school. The Scholars have been awarded numerous scholarships to date and plan to attend the accredited college of their choice this fall. The senior Scholars have collectively earned $2.6 million in scholarship awards.

These Scholars will soon join the ranks of those Scholar alumni that came before them. The Whitney M. YOUNG Scholars Program® began in 1990. Dr. Samuel Robinson, President Emeritus, established the academic enrichment program to empower academically talented, socioeconomically disadvantaged students in grades 7 through 12.

The ultimate goal of our college-prep program and holistic development efforts is graduation from an accredited college or university. Evidence of the program’s success is best reflected in the number of Scholars who are now college graduates, including an impressive number with graduate and professional degrees. Our Whitney M. YOUNG Scholars have traditionally achieved a 100% high school graduation rate. Whitney M. YOUNG Scholars have earned 354 college degrees since 2000 including five law degrees, five medical degrees, three Ph.Ds, and one Doctor of Nursing Practice degree.

Lincoln Foundation salutes our graduating seniors and we look forward to supporting them together with the 150 plus Scholars currently enrolled in college. We are grateful to our supportive educational partners, donors, friends and Scholar families for supporting our most deserving youth.

Larry M. McDonald